Oversized bespoke double doors made to order were part of recent project work for our long standing clients Games Workshop.

The three metre by three metre doors were successfully installed in a series of projects at their head office in Nottingham. The completed works included a refurbishment of the male toilets at the Bugman’s Bar and Restaurant, which we also successfully fitted out late last year. This included redesigning the facility to incorporate increased facilities and fitting new urinals, toilets and washbasins. New bespoke IPS panels were fitted in the bathrooms as well as flooring, decoration and LED lighting.

We also created and fitted two new meeting rooms, carried out office refurbishment works and a fit out of an existing area into additional internal space within the client’s Tooling department. Also an existing external storage facility was ‘brought inside’ by incorporated new partitioning, flooring, decoration, power and data as well as ceilings and the huge new doors which were made to measure! The new facility within the client’s Tooling department now forms part of the overall space seamlessly adjoining existing operational space.

Extensive suspended ceiling works for the Photographic department incorporating part black grid and tiles were also successfully carried out. Working with the client’s air conditioning contractor the new ceilings were designed around ceiling cassettes units and their supplies. These works were completed a week earlier than planned and on budget. Other projects completed included the refurbishment of the Moot which was a large presentation and gaming area that needed major works to adapt it to our client’s new requirements. This included the removal of a large blockwork perimeter wall five metres high and the addition of new ceilings and lighting as well as internal decoration.

The worldwide HQ for Games Workshop: Warhammer World is open seven days a week and serves food and drink to gamers and visitors from all over the globe.

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