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Asset King

Asset Management, Workbox UkWorkbox is able to provide an internally developed asset management system called ‘Asset King’. Over the past four years we have created and utilised software and associated hardware to assist our customers track their assets.  The Asset King system is extremely flexible and has the ability to add or remove any heading or field required by our clients. When a project is initiated we sit down with our clients to understand their needs allowing us to produce a specific design and layout to meet the client’s project. Asset King is a generic database system allowing it to be shaped and built to each project we carry out. The design and layout is agreed in advance of the commencement of a technical survey, this allows us to audit all FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment). The Asset King has the ability to run specific reportsand search requests to allow our clients to understand total numbers of items, their location, colour, size, condition, serial number, and description of the asset etc. The system can also provide digital images of all or specific items as part of the report and standard database. This assists our clients with the retrieval and understanding of the items at a later stage. The Asset King is very versatile and flexible to be able to adapt to any client’s project requirements.

Technical Survey

When the database has been designed and our clients are completely satisfied it will meet their operational requirements the data required for input is now needed. To do this we commence a technical survey. The asset team from Workbox is managed and controlled by dedicated team leaders who liaise directly with the client’s representatives providing relevant method and risk assessments for approval as well as weekly reports if the survey is extensive. This will include progress reports, reference to the contingency plan for departmental access and any issues raised during the week’s work. Any issues which require review and feedback or an immediate response by our client’s representatives will be brought to their attention at the earliest convenience to ensure zero operational downtime.  Our assigned team leaders utilise a detailed list of department representatives and contact details provided by our clients to formulate a programme schedule. This is structured to take into account a detailed contingency plan to ensure all departments are accounted for at not only scheduled times but for re-adjusted times and dates to suit the operational activities. As we know working within difficult environments such as hospitals and laboratories there will be some departments which will require detailed communication to ensure we carry out the required survey at the most appropriate time and date. A robust contingency plan is implemented to assist our asset team in reducing downtime for the survey and ensure all departments are surveyed within the agreed period.

Compatibility and Easy to Use

Asset King is a Microsoft Access based application and is compatible with Microsoft Excel. The data can once collated from a client’s premises be handed over as a software application for on-going use, transferred to an excel database or we can provide our clients with an internet log-in and password and any number of client representatives can have full access and control of the completed database during any time of the day or week. The on-line database can provide live reports; data can be printed off to suit the requirements of a client and search exercises can be carried out to locate specific assets or room specific data. As part of our services we would provide training and sufficient handover of the database to our clients so they are able to operate and manage the system immediately. We can also provide on-going support and management if required, sometimes returning to site for annual census surveys on behalf of our clients.