On certain projects it is our policy to implement an on-site manager or team to control and coordinate the project and operatives. Our site manager will be the point of contact when the dedicated project manager is not available for our client to discuss any element of the project when they attend site.  This ensures continuity; good communicated and reduced downtime for decisions and changes to the design or programme as required. The site manager’s role is to ensure all health and safety processes are in place including risk assessments, method statements and permits are signed and adhered to throughout. The management and control of our trades and suppliers is vital on any site ensuring the correct storage, access and egress processes are followed as agreed with both the client and the landlord. By assigning a dedicated site manager the project will be maintained at a constant high level with minimum operational downtime, no loss of programme and activities, continual good levels of communication, and constant presence and face on site for all visitors and suppliers. This level of management we believe is vital in delivering successful and enjoyable projects for our customers.

Site Management